Berlin II

So to be more specific about Berlin, the first day we basically walked around the city, and bought souvenirs, and saw some fancy buildings which I don’t know much about. There were alot of people trying to get us to buy a ride on these bicycle/carriage things. And of course there were gypsies…a lot of gypsies. Gypsy- “Do you speak english?” American- “Nein”. There were also a vast amount of people playing various instruments in an attempt to get free money (even though in Germany, the unemplyed recieve a small amount of money from the government anyway). On Saturday we explored an old vacation house called Sans Souci (apparently in the 1800’s, it was considered cool to be French…but we now better these days). Some sort of important man lived there. We went to the top of the Berlin TV tower, where one can view Berlin from the top. There was a group of Dutch students who were harassing some people in our group…someone in our group yelled at them in Bosnian and they became confused. We ate at a Turkish restaurant both nights. I have now eaten 4 dönner.


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