Eine Woche ist vorbei

Well, I’ve completed one full week here in Deutschland.

Saturday was a soccer game between Hamburg, and…Hamburg. I just know that one side wears blue and the other wears red. Our side lost 1-0. And the security guards made us get rid of our smoothies…but nonethess it was pretty exciting. There was a party that night…into which most of the GAPP students did not get in.

Yesterday the family and I went into the city. My exchange partner and I toured the “Hamburg Dungeon”, which was all in German, but I understood a fair amount. It was basically like this: you go room to room, where someone in costume acts like it’s 500 years ago during the inquisition, and when pirates roamed the seas. Scaaryy stuff…skeletons and such pop out at you when you walk through. Later we went on the ferry and toured the Elbe.

Today we went to Bremen, so the GAPP students (without our German partners) took the train to another train, and then to Bremen. We walked through the city, and stopped inside the chapel. Inside, some crazy woman talked to some of us about Jesus. I don’t remember what she said exactly, but it was bizzare. We also went to this undegroiund area that had mummies inside it…it wasn’t too interesting. Later, we were permitted to explore, and go shopping etc. for a couple hours. Then we came back. Early this evening, my host dad and I went by bicycle on a trail. And here I am. Berlin is tomorrow!


One thought on “Eine Woche ist vorbei

  1. Hi John,

    I have so enjoyed reading your blog! I love all the detail and the flavor that
    you provide. It has been such a long time since I was in Europe but some of it comes back to me as i read about your adventures. This journey will be something that you will always remember and carry with you as the years go by.

    We went to Grandpa’s last Sunday and Scott read your blog aloud to Ryan and Elizabeth. They thought some of it was really funny!! We also got to visit with your Mom, Dad, Andy and Claire. They all seemed so happy for you.

    I guess I’ll sign off now. I’m helping Elizabeth with paper work for her community service project….you know how that goes.

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Aunt Colleen

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