Hello all! Well, over the past two days (Thursday and Friday), I went to school both days, and we had separate lessons for the Americans. Yesterday, the principal of GOA discussed German schools, and how the students learn, and the fact that German males must enter either the military or do social work after high school. We next had the same guy as the previous day, who talked about the History of Hamburg. It was pretty boring, not gonna lie, but I learned things, and wrote information down, so it at least it served some purpose. We had breaks, as usual, in which we used our coupons to buy snacks. I’ve tried kazestrand(I probably spelled that wrong) and Franzenbrot (French bread), and chocolate croissants. Because Germans are so waste conscious, they give you 20 cents (in Euros of course) if you return a soda bottle. Also, GOA proves that soda in schools is not unhealthy, because they sell it there, yet there is not one single overweight student. Then we went to a 5th grade English class, in which the students asked us questions in English individually, and we had to respond, slowly and clearly. They asked us things like: “Can you swim?” “do you smoke?” “do you ride a bike?” “who is your favorite music group?” “Have you ever been out of your home country on holiday?” (they learn British English). After that, we went to a chemistry room, for a guy to teach us about climate change/the reduction of carbon emissions.  It was the most boring class I’ve ever been in. But after that, we and our German exchange partners walked to the S-Bahn (train station) and went into the city, where we went on a tour of Hamburg. We saw many consulates and mansions, and a lot of futuristic looking buildings. We got off the bus a couple times to walk around and take pictures. At the end of the tour, we went into St. Michael’s chapel, and climbed up to the top. It reminded me of walking up the Bunker Hill monument, only this had over 400 steps…We could see all the different parts of the city from the top, such as the dome (amusement park), the Elbe (which had enormous cruise ships) and fancy buildings and churches and such. After climbing down, we went to a shop which sold Dönners- probably my new favorite food. The weather was perfect, which all the Germans said was unusual, since this time of year is usually accompanied by snow. After getting Dönners, I went with my exchange partner, his friend and his American partner to the friend’s house. His mother made us hamburgers, which were quite delicious. We then watched the Italian Job (with German subtitles).

Today I woke up at 10:15 because it’s Saturday (Samstag). Das ist alles für Jetzt. Ich werde mehr schreiben am Morgen oder Montag.


3 thoughts on “Deutschland

  1. Ich werde ihr frohes wetten, das es Sonntag ist. GraB, den Sie Hamburg sehen konnten. We found the bahn was a fantastic way to travel as most of the countries over there use the train system to great extent. Walking and bike riding are also very advantagous. Must have been interesting for the students to interview all of you. GenieBen SieIhren Tag It’s been a while for my German so I’m sure I am making mistakes!!! HAHA

  2. Hi John,

    Sounds like a lot of fun in Hamburg! I hope you take lots of pictures.

    We had a chance to go to Germany in 2004, I really loved how well their train system works. I hope you get a chance to see a lot of the area.

    Keep blogging!


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