Germany continued…

Here’s what has happened in the past couple days: Yesterday we went to school (with bikes of course), and I shadowed for Spanish (really boring). The spanish teacher happens to be the same one who teaches French. So they will (in theory) speak 4 languages when done with school. I and the other Americans just stayed in the cafeteria for like 3 hours. Later we explored Hamburg and got Spagettieis and last night we had a reception for Melrose-Hamburg. The band played awhile, and we got goodiebags and backpacks. Today there were separate lessons in school. First we discussed history in Germany and the U.S., with one teacher who is a principal at another school (who had formerly taught at Gymnasium Oberalster (which is where our exchange partners go to school)), and he was good. Then this old guy (who Mr. Miner thought was too condescending) talked about the history of Hamburg. Another teacher talked to us about philosophy, and Aristotle, and I read aloud to the group. Then there was a woman who was to teach us German, but she didn’t teach us anything we didn’t know already. Then we went to an 8th grade english class wherethe students asked us questions about our school and America. And the best part about both days…THEY HAVE TRAMPOLINES!!! So we bounced on them for hours.


One thought on “Germany continued…

  1. Wie ghet’s? Wie ist dasWetter? It’s interesting how global other countries are with language. We found that when we travelled international. Happy trampoline jumping sounds like your having a great time. E-mailen Sie uns oft!Gute Nacht.

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